Although we stand by the belief that in today's modern society alternative methods for resolution of disputes should be examined before a matter is referred to the Courts, our team of advocates is ready to litigate should the circumstances require it.

We cover all aspects of civil and commercial litigation. We represent a wide spectrum of interests ranging from the private individual to multinational corporations at all levels and divisions of the judicial system. We are also experienced in the handling and coordination of various aspects of clients' litigation requirements overseas. Without providing an exhaustive list of areas in which we have litigated in the past, the following is an identification of our focus areas:

  • commercial disputes across the entire range of contractual and sale of goods related transactions;
  • property and construction;
  • civil wrongs (such as negligence claims, libel and slander);
  • insurance claims;
  • banking claims and claims of finance institutions;
  • admiralty claims;
  • matters related to company law;
  • enforcement of foreign judgments or arbitration awards;
  • commercial litigation;
  • debt recovery;
  • administrative appeals;
  • passing off and infringement of intellectual and industrial property;
  • cases before the Industrial Disputes Tribunal;
  • Divorce and family law disputes.

We have also been involved in several arbitration proceedings both as litigants and as arbitrators.