Tax controversy solutions

Representing tomorrow

Domestic and multinational companies controversy assistance

Multinational organisations continue to spend time and resources managing tax controversies and disputes in both headquarter and foreign jurisdictions. Tax authorities are sharing information about companies and focusing increasingly on implementation failure and motive, not just pure tax technical merit or analysis.

Our lawyers routinely work closely with other Deloitte tax professionals. It is this combination of legal, business, tax, and compliance knowledge that enables us to provide businesses with a cohesive perspective, enabling companies to make informed business decisions at any stage of the tax controversy cycle. Our proactive insights can help provide a foundation on which to build and implement forward thinking tax controversy resolution strategies.

Dispute resolution

When controversies or disputes arise, Deloitte Legal professionals provide assistance with:

  • ·         Appeals and other legal protests
  • ·         Developing technical arguments and drafting advisory opinions
  • ·         Reporting
  • ·         Representation and litigation with authorities
  • ·         Post appeals mediation
  • ·         Arbitration
  • ·         Settlement

By bringing negotiation experience with other industries and jurisdictions we can help companies advance negotiations with tax authorities and manage penalty exposures. Deloitte and Deloitte Legal teams specializing in dispute resolution include lawyers, accountants, auditors, economists, former government officials, and industry specialists. By developing a thorough understanding of each company's specific challenges and aligning dedicated specialists Deloitte Legal can bring the right resources to the issue.